Our client is the preferred solution for front page apps in Denmark. The client’s goal is to create mobile solutions that delivers maximum value for the customers, to make use of the most relevant technologies, to attract the most talented and provide them with great opportunities for personal growth.


We have developed a native solution for Android that allowed handball trainers to use a comprehensive video exercises database during real life coaching sessions. Thereby, it shows exercises for the players or let trainers to be inspired.  Due to the large size of the video material (800 GB +) a state of the art in-app download mechanism had to be provided in order to download such content under the playstore restrictions.


One of developers created inside a month, a state of the art download manager which allowed non-technical users to start and manage their downloads inside the app in an easy and efficient way. The app contains specific exercises for the age groups U-6 to U-14. The exercises are split into categories (defense, attack, technique, physical training etc.). Thus it is possible to create any number of teams that are being trained. Also,    by using the calendar functionality training sessions can be planned for as long in the future as needed.

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